5 London Art Galleries You Must Visit

London is a fantastic city, and there is something to do for everyone. If you are someone who enjoys art, then be sure to check out these five great galleries:

1. Annely Juda Fine Art

This gallery is located in the Bond Street area, and is known for its modern and abstract collections. There are various works dedicated to the field of expressionism, and artists such as David Hockney and Anthony Caro regularly have their work on display. This is the perfect place if you know your art and want to buy a quality piece.

2. Emma Hill Fine Art Eagle Gallery

This gallery is located in central London, and is home to paintings done mainly by young, up and coming artists. It gets really busy in the evening, as many people come by to view the art and enjoy the nearby Eagle pub. The gallery was started as a place where young artists who were rejected from other galleries could place their works. Now it plays host to works from artists such as Tom Hammick and Terry Smith and is one of the most prestigious galleries in the city.

3. Lisson

Lisson is located in the North side of the city, and is an upscale gallery that mostly carries sculpture pieces. They have art from artists such as Christine Borland, Anish Kapoor and Sol Lewitt. There are both classical and contemporary sculptures on display.

4. The Glass Art Gallery

This is a very unique art gallery, as it does not carry pieces that are considered regular art. Instead, they have mostly contemporary glass pieces, that are free blown to create wonderful works of art. In fact, there are even certain times when they have glassblowing demonstrations, so visitors can see just how the unique process takes place.

The Gallery at London Glassblowing

5. The Photographers’ Gallery

This is one of the oldest photo galleries in London. It was founded in 1971 and at the time was the only gallery dedicated to photography. They sell works from some of the greatest international contemporary photographers as well as those from young UK photographers. There are various exhibits from the United States, Africa and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. And there is even a cute little cafe if you want to take a breather from looking at photos to enjoy a nice meal or a cup of coffee.

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