Pricey Yachts: Love Your Trip to the Seas


Going for a month long trip to the seas is a dream most people nurture for a long time and only few can make it a reality. Ecstasea worth $129 million comes with an Asian theme and bamboo furnishings. The facilities include a disco, sauna and Turkish bath. At $130 million, Pelorus is a 416-foot gigantic venture with a staff of 40, seven smaller boats, two helicopters, a submarine for 10.

The romantic and lively Rising Sun at $200 is a 453-foot haven for numerous travel freaks and is owned by Larry Ellison the Oracle CEO and producer David Geffen. This boat features 82 rooms and offers a space of 24,000 square-feet. You can enjoy movies at Movie Theater and play basketball at court/helipad.

The two most expensive brands of luxury yachts are Lady Moura worth $210 million and Dubai worth $350 Million. Lady Moura was built in 1991 for the Saudi Saudi Prince Nasser al-Rashid. Having a crew of 60 people this boat also features a pool, and mock beachfront. Lastly, Dubai belonging to Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is a 531-foot yachts and can accommodate 115 guests including a crew of 88.


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  1. Its interesting… Ya its many people’s dream to go to seas trip for long time.. may god give this chance to go with ma beloved..

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