Table top Kensington Place, perfect holiday destination for everybody


Set at the lower slopes of the picturesque Table Mountain in a perfect Mediterranean atmosphere, Kensington Place is an exquisite boutique hotel in Cape Town which is designed in a unique fusion style of African and Europe, resembling a posh town house. The hotel premise is surrounded by lush greenery in the landscaped garden with plunge pool. It houses eight highly luxurious and individually designed bedrooms, each one of which offer the breathtaking peerless view of the Atlantic Ocean through the city and the high mountains. The rooms are meticulously decorated in a magnificent combination of natural textures and earthy tones to give a grand appearance. The rooms provide maximum comfort to the guests to with its expensive furnishings starting from the royal looking heavy curtains to the rich furniture including the king sized bed with the classy beddings. Each of the rooms has a different and unique atmosphere. Step into room 3 and 4 to get a pure and ethnic traditional hospitality, whereas room 7 and 8 offers a contemporary feel and room 1 is the ultimate destination to soothe the eyes of the guests with the magnificent beauty of the blue ocean and the mountains.


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