1966 Dom Perignon sold at $1,965

dom-perignon-gift-boxChampagne holds the most prestigious position in the world of wine and Dom Perignon is a famous brand in this domain. It is not just a bottle of wine – a genie of pleasure is hidden inside this exclusive bottle. This heavenly liquor comes with a slight floral and woody bunch to add charm and delight to the drinking experience of the wine lover. The bouquet twists through floral freshness and softness with candied flavors of fresh fruits and berries. The aroma of camphor leaves sustain in every sip of the drink.

With apparent softness, it gradually tends towards being saline, iodized and has a bitter taste with a striking, tactile and demanding nature. The freshness and richness of this wine with a confirmed length reveals a series of statements. Hints of sandalwood and cedar dominate over its smoky and woody texture. In the history of this brand, 1947, 1959 and 1976 were some of their most legendary years. One bottle of their 1966 vintage was sold at a mind blogging price of $1,965.

Via www.domperignon.com

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