Where Chocolate & Wine Are So Devine: Biondivino, San Francisco

It looks like a high-tech wine shop with row after gorgeous row of foreign wines in vertical racks. But it’s actually a showcase for some of the world’s finest chocolates, too. Biondivino is a new and unique winery experience in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow district.

This wine boutique is gorgeously designed and I wish I lived closer so I could drop by anytime for advice on purchasing a great bottle to match my evening meal.

Amedei Chocolate, recently judged “The World’s Best Chocolate” by Food & Wine Magazine, as well as in a London food contest, is the only chocolate offered by owner Ceri Smith because it’s simply the best anywhere. Period.

W: www.biondivino.com.
A: 1415 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94109.
T: 415.673.2320.

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