Are They Having More Fun In Europe?

laughing cavalierMaybe it’s because I just went on a beatific long walk with my dogs in the green and gentle countryside of Champagne. Maybe it is because I am writing this sipping a glass of bordeaux while I listen to Groovesalad. Maybe it is because my neighbour across the street brought over some fantastic grilled lamb sausages for us to sample. The gods are smiling on our peaceful little French village. It certainly appears that Europeans have struck a work/life balance that allows them to enjoy the simple things at a more human pace. This attitude certainly affects their relationship with wine. Having a two-hour lunch break doesn’t hurt, of course. Hmmmm… these ruminations were triggered by an interesting post by Tom Wark in his Fermentations blog, about the differences in our wine culture in America and the way drinking wine is perceived in Europe. I think I’m Turning European…I really think so

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