Grayson Tighe Limited Edition Pens – Perfect Collector’s Item


The exclusive Grayson Tighe Limited Edition fountain and roller ball pens are considered as one of those finest and expensive pens of the world that caters to the needs of the elites. It costs almost a whopping $22,000.00 – $24,000.00 for each unique piece.

They are 18K Gold Victorian Royalty executive custom-made pens that are just perfect as collector’s pens. The Gold is painstakingly crafted to lend it an ornamental touch. This is an ancient practice of designing lathe-turned items with intricate patterns that, being implemented to metal, to create a visual display of life and light manipulation to the surface. The nib of Grayson Tighe fountain pens is custom hand-crafted in Germany with 18K yellow gold. It is engraved with a particularly designed Acanthus leaf, tipped with Iridium, and two toned with Rhodium. Grayson Tighe roller ball pens have a superior refill that has a 1 Year time to expire.


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