From Grandma’s bin, a 1855 Treskilling Yellow stamp now in a global consortium


Stamp collecting is a very common hobby but how many philatelists can collect the costliest and rarest stamps on earth? George William Backman, a Swedish school boy of 14 years old found one of the rarest stamps in 1885 from his grandma’s trash bin. This rare and exclusive stamp is popularly known as Treskilling Yellow, and was first released in 1855. It was wrongly printed on yellow color paper instead of green. Later, after its discovery there was confusion about its authenticity but it was proved genuine after being checked by experts. A series of these Swedish stamps was in use from 1857 but any other piece of the same set had not yet been discovered. Later, Backman sold it to Philipp von Ferrary in 1894, and then after changing a number of hands, in 2010 this stamp was sold to a global consortium at a record value, but the exact amount paid is still unknown. However, a philatelist, David Feldman, who once possessed this stamp said that this 2010 auction price was not less than the auction amount it sold for in 1996. In 1996, this exclusive piece sold at an amount close to $2.3 million.


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