Will New York’s New Hotel Le Bleu Stay Out of The Red?

A sleek, hip, luxury boutique hotel opening in New York is about as newsworthy as Paris Hilton’s reading her favorite Bible passage. But one that is located on the “other side of the Hudson” has some legs to it.

Opening on Fourth Avenue, in the Park Slope South area of Brooklyn, could be risky — particularly when they are asking for top dollar, heart of Manhattan prices.

On the one hand, you certainly won’t be in the middle of all the action (which is exactly why many people come to New York.) On the other hand, you’ll probably get a much quieter night’s sleep and their lofty bar is supposed to offer killer views of Manhattan complete with the Lady in the Harbor.

Designed by the world-renowned Andres Escobar & Associates, the bold dramatic lines of Hotel le Bleu certainly offer big-city sophistication… but with perhaps some small town hospitality. After all, their motto is: “Ask, and consider it done?. You gotta love that.

Hotel le Bleu
A: 370 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215
T: 718.625.1500
F: 718.625.2600
W: www.hotellebleu.com

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead (and ex-New Yorker).

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  1. Sue Frause says:

    I’ve always wanted to explore the Brooklyn area — this looks very cool!

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