Why Don’t You Zip-line Over to Our Room for Cocktails?


Just reading the descriptions of Wild Planet Adventure Tours gets my adrenalin pumping.  They always offer totally unique, off-the-beaten track places, sights and activities for an adventure that you’ll never forget. How many of you have heard gibbons crooning love songs to each other as part of the courtship process? (I’m sure the male gibbons started this trend to so they wouldn’t have to cough up the bananas for chocolate and flowers.) And how fun would it be to stay in jungle tree houses accessible only by zip lines?

These are just a few of the highlights you’ll experience on their Thailand and Laos  “Ultimate Wildlife” eco-adventure.

Other fun stuff includes:

· View wildlife and birds in four national parks and wildlife preserves, including night-time 4WD safaris for nocturnal animals

· Relax on a private island and enjoy Thailand’s famous beaches and world-class snorkeling

· Interact with elephants – and learn to communicate with them – at an award-winning eco-responsible elephant camp

· Interact with tigers and their cubs at Tiger Kingdom

· Witness mating gibbons serenade each other from a magical tree-house rainforest lodge – accessible only by a unique system of zip-lines

· Visit Chiang Mai “old city,” Grand Palace, and Buddhist temples

· Immerse yourself in the sensuality of Thai aesthetics; learn Thai cooking, visit floating markets and experience Thai massage

· Plus hiking, rafting and snorkeling excursions, and accommodations in boutique hotels and rainforest lodges.

Check out their website, www.wildplanetadventures.com for complete details and itineraries.

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