Kornering the Skincare Market- Insider Tip!

Rebecca Korner comes from a long line of beauty pros: Her Hungarian-born grandmother founded the family business–the Madame Korner beauty center chain in Australia–way back in 1904. As the founder of Körner Skincare, Rebecca Korner is always on the go, making frequent trips from her base in London to Europe, the US, and Asia for work, as well as personal trips to Africa and Australia. So when it comes to keeping healthy while traveling, she’s a pro.

Rebecca’s summer travel tip:
Get a vitamin shot before leaving for your trip. Ask your doctor for a vitamin B12 shot mixed with magnesium, followed by vitamin C intravenously; the combination will help keep energy levels up, leave skin glowing and fight in-flight germs with a boost to the immune system.
To counter the drying effects of air travel, buckwheat shots, which are full of chlorophyll, will also help keep skin feeling fresh and dewy.

I don’t know if this works or not..but looking at Rebecca’s glowing skin, I think it might be worth a try. Her products are supposed to work wonders for those on-land, also.

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