J.Lo for 2 Million

Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko paid J.Lo approximately $2 million to sing at his wife, former model Aleksandra Nikolic Melnichenko’s, birthday party. That seems a bit steep as I had heard Sir Elton John only charges 1 million. I wonder if Marc Anthony was thrown in for that price?

From blavish:
Melnichenko paid out $1.2 million for the 40-minute performance, and $80,000 to fly Jen & staff from the States to the UK.

[ via blavish ]

Posted by Ava Stochinsky on May 02, 2007 in Travel

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  1. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    You know, J lo is worth every pennys worth. That is awsome, $85,000 too bring her crew to UK. Wish there was some video of this. Mere chump change for this russain billonare. I wonder how long it took him too get the word out too J Lo that he was in need of her presense for the birthday girl.

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