What About Dégorgement, Dosage and Pupitres? :: Champagne, France

After joining Britt Karlsson, founder of BKWine, on her new wine and gastronomy tour to Champagne, you’ll know the answer– unless you’ve been partaking too much of the bubbly!
BKWine has organised over 100 wine tours throughout France and across Europe. Traveling in wine country is the best and most enjoyable way of learning about wine, how it is made, how to taste it and how to appreciate it. Meeting the producers is a captivating experience that can be anything from an insight into a small family enterprise with a passionate wine maker talking about his wines to an impressive visit to an industrial installation with the latest technical equipment and marketing resources. They always travel in small groups, typically 12-18 people, to guarantee a personal experience, translating from French (or Italian, or German…) as needed.

Britt organizes many fantastic sounding tours, but this one really pops the cork!

Wine and Gastronomy in Champagne
Sparkling Grand Finale with Dinners at a Michelin Star Restaurant
November 12-16, 2008

Champagne… Luxury, celebration and of course excellent wines. But champagne is not just wines. There is also an outstanding gastronomy that we will pay special attention to on this trip.
We will visit some world famous champagne houses and some small high-quality family producers. And we will enjoy the Champenoise gastronomy at our dinners (in a one-star restaurant!) and at the lunches, some of which will be with, and as guests of, champagne producers. Is drinking champagne all through a meal a good idea? Decide for yourself!

For tour information or just to fantasize read Britt’s website

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