Bitter End Yacht Club: The Floating Paradise


Far confiscated from anything usual, The Bitter End Yacht Club is an extraordinary place to land. Rambling over John O’Point at the remote tip of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, the last island settlement before the open waters of the Atlantic emerge, you can see a unique and stylish resort. With all type of water sport existing, stunning restaurants, white sand beaches, tropical flowers in blossom all over the place, spacious accommodations, and ideal sunset sights, there is truly no need to abscond Bitter End once you enter.

Bitter End is famous for its premiere water sports and sailing resorts. With a matchless position, this vibrant retreat features a recognized full service sailing school, scuba diving, incredible fishing, and snorkeling. Adding to its glamor is a gigantic selection of top-of-the-line sailboats, windsurf boards, etc for the guests. Each rooms and suites are well equipped with modern technologies and is equally luxurious and comfortable.

A fresh Caribbean construction is now dwelling to the Emporium, a provisioning hub for private yacht chefs looking for homemade baked goods, wines, fresh fish, meats, rums, and other essentials. At BEYC’s three restaurants and other special outdoor venues, the guests and Yachtsmen rendezvous. The award wining cuisine is the added attraction of the place. The famous 16 Sounder frozen rum drinks, are the special treat for the guests.


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