Westin Hotels & Resorts Offers In-Room Spa Program

Starwood Heavenly Spa Bed

Westin Hotels & Resorts
has a new in-room spa program that brings the personalized luxury and comfort of a full-service spa to the privacy of your hotel room.

As the hotel industry’s first global in-room spa program, the experience includes a luxurious yet portable spa bed and spa basket filled with sensory items to be enjoyed before, during and after the massage.

The Heavenly Spa by Westin Nova was inspired by the iconic all-white ten layer Westin Heavenly Bed.

Designed to provide the ultimate in-room spa experience, the all-white spa bed is 31 inches wide – larger than typical portable massage tables – and is outfitted with heated AeroCel padding topped by plush double fleecing and the Westin signature Heavenly Bed linens.

A fully padded face cradle completes the feeling of full-body comfort. Just below the face rest, Westin installed a small shelf, designed to hold a bowl of flowers and soothing aromatherapy oil. The Heavenly Spa by Westin Nova is adjustable and includes a special trolley for easy handling.

The Westin in-room spa experience is customized from start to finish. It starts with booking, when a staff member collects information about the guest’s history and preferences. Approximately 40 minutes before the massage appointment, Westin staff delivers a spa basket with water, a flower, a CD containing customized relaxation music, a healthful treat such as dark chocolate and a letter explaining what to expect from the treatment along with tips for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment. The basket also contains a selection of plant-based aromatherapy oils and room sprays, allowing the guest to choose a scent for the treatment.

Westin’s in-room spa experience is currently available at 64 properties with more in the works.

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