Enjoy the life lying amidst the coral reef and the blue lagoon at Marara Beach


Splitting the Marara Beach & a private isle, the magnificent resort, the Softiel Bora Bora Marara Beach & Private Island cuddles the true paradise where blue ocean water cocoons the beautiful resort in the midst of pearly white sand beaches. This retreat in the southeastern coast of the main island is located in a picturesque setting near the blue lagoon and the coral reef. The resort welcomes guests under the arena where nature talks & man listens with warm & overwhelming island hospitality. The guests enjoy a 3600 panoramic view of unspoiled nature from 95 unique designed bungalows scattered over the main and the private islands. The beauty of the setting sun in the azure water with its hues and the spectacular beauty of the coral garden just carry away the guests to a serene world. The highly decorated overwater bungalows in a tropical secluded setting ensure total privacy to the guests amidst the splendid natural beauty.

Via sofitel.com

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