Poland Culinary Vacation–It’s No Joke!

When I think of going on a culinary vacation, Italy, France, maybe even Morocco come to mind– But Wroclaw, Poland? Barely makes it into the top 100…that is until I read about Malgorzata (Sarna) Rose, founder and President of Poland Culinary Vacations, Inc. a native of Poland, and I was hooked. She was born in Wroclaw, the capital of Lower Silesia, nicknamed “The Venice of Poland,” which sits on twelve islands along the Odra River. P.C.V. grew out of her love of travel and everything Polish– particularly their delicious cuisine.

Not only will you learn traditional Polish cooking, during hands-on classes held in farm homes, but you’ll also dine at some elegant urban restaurants, where gourmet chefs add their contemporary spin to the classics. Save room to nibble your way throughout the region, while Sarna introduces you to her friends: the neighborhood farmers, bakers, meat shop owners, and chefs who are eager to share their way of life with us. Sample rare artisanal delicacies from local producers:breads, cheeses, preserves, sausages, wild game dishes, beer, honey wines, and world-renowned vodkas. (Maybe they’ll let us in on the secret to making Zubrowka, a vodka flavored with an aromatic grass from the forests of Podlassia.) That is , of course, if you can stand to leave the spectacular 16th-century Zamek na Skale castle (a four star hotel with SPA center in the historical cellars of the castle – pictured above) your home for much of the trip. I’m so down to go food exploring with Sarna…wanna come with?

Just to whet your appetite, here’s some dishes you might be sampling:

Zurek soup, fermented rye soup with sausage and egg
Barszcz czerwony, red beetroot soup or borscht
Golabki, stuffed cabbage rolls
Bigos, Hunter’s Stew with Polish kielbasa, pork and beef meats
Pierogi, stuffed dumplings
Zrazy, pork rolls with pickles and bacon
Kaczka pieczona z jablkami, baked duck with apples

**The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland now keeps a List of Regional and Traditional Products made in Poland. This rapidly-growing list now contains over 400 unique products. WOW!

P.S. Check out the website to see other culinary tours that Sarna is developing.

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