Welcome To Our Newest Contributors: Terah, Alan & Cate

Here at Vagablond, we’re extremely excited to welcome three well-known travel and food bloggers:

1) Terah Shelton –– After stints in 10 cities, Terah is now based in Atlanta; although she finds “home” on the road, anywhere the New York Yankees are, and outside the borders and boundaries of familiarity. Her first article for Vagablond appeared in March and she’s consistently published at least once a week since then. Read Terah’s posts.

2) Alan A. Lew –– As both a traveler and a student of travel, Alan has traveled much of the world, though with a focus on Asia and Europe, observing how travel and tourism have shaped the landscapes and livelihoods of destinations. In addition to writing blogs that support his podcasts, he regularly posts on the Web 2.0 Travel Tools blog. Read Alan’s first post.

3) Cate O’Malley — For as long as she can remember, Cate has loved writing and yearned to be a freelance journalist when she grew up. Then, she discovered a second passion: cooking. She still has a love for both and started her site, Sweetnicks, in an effort to combine them. She has a slight obsession with cookbooks, food/cooking magazines, and, well, anything related to food. Read Cate’s first post.

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  1. Let me in too. I would like to write about Pakistan destinations. No?

    SAJ: We would love to have you become a contributor!
    Please send your bio, a photo and your first story to me @ gil [at] vagablond [dot] com

    Gil Zeimer, Lead Writer, Vagablond

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