This 20th Anniversary Celebration Is All Wet: Pirate’s Point Resort & Dive Center, Little Cayman

As one of the Caribbean’s Top 100 Resorts, Pirate’s Point Resort and Dive Center on Little Cayman, just announced that it will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary with both special programs and special pricing throughout 2006.

First, they’re offering last summer’s prices – $1495 per person for the all inclusive dive package or $1195 per person for the RELAX package (offer valid from January 1 – February 4; 15% Gratuity and Hotel Taxes additional).

Second, they’re designating January 14-21, 2006 as “lifestyle fitness” week with emphasis being placed on exercise, food, nature adventures, eco-art and snorkeling. They’ll offer a range of specialists for more in-depth teaching and discussions, plus gourmet cooking classes taught by Gladys Howard.

Best of all, from August 12-September 4, Pirate’s Point Resort is offering free diving and 1986 pricing, so it’s just $1195 (RELAX package) for a fun week on Little Cayman.

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