Want to Write A Travel Journal?: TravelBlog.org

At Vagablond, we’re always looking for frequent contributors. But if you just want to publish an occasional travel journal, we recommend you visit Travel Blog.

According to its Web site, it’s “a collection of travel journals, diaries, stories and photos from all around the world. For travellers, this site includes lots of features that help keep family and friends back home up to date with your adventure. Start a free online travel website. TravelBlog is FREE and will remain so.”

Check it out: TravelBlog.org.

2 Responses to Want to Write A Travel Journal?: TravelBlog.org

  1. Jerry Blerrman says:

    Might want to also check out:


    For free travel blogs too. Each blog automatically incorporates a map so you can easily see where you’ve traveled to!

  2. brian says:

    ditto. But it’s my site so I think it’s better


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