Wake Up in Hotel Cipriani, Venice

We often tend to think that the best hotels in Venice should be in the vicinity of the city’s the Grand Canal and San Marco. However, those who have visited the place will agree that it is more enjoyable to find a view of the main island without getting the view obstructed with countless tourists.

Waking up in the morning in Hotel Cipriani can offer one of the best experiences in one’s life. This hotel will be turning 50 this year. The location of the hotel is wonderful. It faces San Marco and is located on Giudecca Island in the middle of a sea of sprawling gardens, calm streets, and a saltwater pool. You will find Venice in its full glory if you stay in the hotel.

The rooms in the hotel differ in terms of size. If you are booking a room, then ask for a one that offers lagoon view. Click here to look at the details.

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  1. I might chose the Cipriani or the San Clemente Palace (another luxury island hotel) on a 2nd trip to Venice, but if you like to roll out of bed and head to R. Rosa Salva for a cafe then you need to stay in the center of town. The nights I’ve spent at the Danieli were amazingly noisy, but my room, with fabric wallpaper, overlooking the lagoon was nothing short of spectacular.

    And for a real treat, you should try arriving Venice on a cruise ship. That’s life!

    Josh Friedman Travel

  2. I chosed the the Castelbrando Hotel, which is a castle. It was aunique stay, sometimes i felt set back in time. I also loved the Spa area. There is no perfect view, or there probably is, but for one person is it the ocean view and for the other is it greentopped hills. I am the second and for everybody who loves that too, the Castlebrando Hotels is the best!

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