Vogard Supertraveler

To offer your wrist a manly yet stylish demeanor, check out this
Vogard Supertraveler, which comes in one of those exclusive designs . Its unique color combination makes it look stunning and appealing to the buyers.

The PVD coated black steel looks gorgeous when worn on your wrist. It is fitted with an orangey-yellow reptile strap and looks stunningly good particularly with the black stitching. This daring blend of colors offers it a stylish yet elegant look. Apart from looking chic, the other signature features of Vogard watches are easy to read dials and bold straps that are ideal for making great style statements and their characteristic complications. You use a lever on the right side of the watch and then turn the bezel to check out the time zone of the watch that is just perfect for traveling. This fine piece of creation will cost you around $7,750.

Via: Luxist.com

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