In Many Cultures it’s Considered Rude to Use a Toothpick in Public….

icepick diamond jewelery

…but not when you’re using the Icepik!

After all, even Rich Beautiful People get food stuck in their teeth. Granted it’s more likely to be a bit of caviar than a Big Mac. Thankfully, E.K.D.O. came up with the solution to this problem when they invented Toothpick Jewelry. How we managed to live so long without this marvelous new way to show off a little bling, I’ll never know.

Icepiks are bejeweled sleeves that slip over a round toothpick so that while the wooden point inside your mouth is picking your chompers, the 18k gold and precious jewel outside is showcasing a unique work of art. Each Icepik is hand crafted by the finest goldsmiths the industry has to offer and prices range from $800 to $3,000 – the cost of the diamond encrusted version. Without a doubt this is the perfect gift for the person, who up to now, has everything.


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