Two indispensible new travel items

In preparing for a one month trip through some safe and not-so-safe (as in you really need to guard your belongings) countries, I’ve been testing a bunch of new travel products to see which will be good enough to win a corner in my carry-on luggage. Here are a couple of new products that will definitely be coming along for the ride.

My first discovery is PacSafe-which specializes in anti-theft travel gear. On a recent test run, I was very pleased to discover that:

1. I didn’t have to give up fashion for the sake of deterring would-be thieves. I chose the CitySafe bag (in the tasteful classic all-black) which could easily take me from day to night in most any (except formal) situations.

2. The bag is very roomy, with a nice long shoulder strap so I can carry it across my body for walking through those really sketchy nabes. Someone put a lot of thought into the layout. The main compartment has two large zippered pockets, key fob, padded camera case, two stash pockets, card organizer, cell phone pocket and pen pockets and even a water bottle / compact umbrella side pocket.

3. As far as anti theft, this slashproof bag really has it all going on. Made out of eXomesh™ a slashproof, high-tensile stainless-steel wire laminated between nylon with stainless, with a tamperproof, lockable zipper , this would foil any snatch-&-grab theft. Even with all that steel reinforcement, the bag is surprisingly lightweight.
Be sure and check out the website for their whole line of anti-theft travel products which includes a full line of luggage, belt or waist wallets, laptop bags, TSA approved key-card lock, etc.

2. GoToobs
Although they may look simple it took an award winning inventor with a Masters in Engineering – Product Design from the Stanford to create GoToobs, the perfect go-to for all your liquid carry-on’s. These E.Z. to fill, squeeze and keep clean dispensers come in three sizes and four colors for all your cosmetic needs. (They are also food-safe so I filled the larger one with vodka, just as a test, of course, and nary a precious drop leaked out from their no-drip valve.)

A couple more cool features are:
* the wide necks, so you don’t have to waste hours impatiently trying to plop thick hair conditioner through miniscule openings
*the handy suction cup that easily adheres (and removes) from your hotel shower wall
*and the rotating built in identifying label that lets you choose from “soap, lotion, etc.” although I wish they would made the label darker, since now they are rather hard to read.

The GoToob line is available at REI, EMS, Mountain Equipment Co-op, and many other outdoor, travel and recreation goods stores.
-Located in San Francisco, CA, humangear, inc. was founded in 2007 with a mission to develop “real gear for real humans.” We are passionate about creating remarkable and responsible outdoor and travel products that, at least in some small way, make the world a better place. For more information, please visit

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