A Fragrant Bouquet & Hints of Rodent Hair? :: Ratatouille Chardonnay

Have you seen “Ratatouille”“? Because I’m a big fan of all things Disney, I knew I’d love the digital animation. I didn’t expect to be blown away by the realism of the Paris night scenery, the attention to detail in the food preparation, and the fact that I honestly cared that a rat could be a gourmet chef in one of the most upscale restaurants in Paris.

But I did. More importantly, so did my wife and 13-year-old daughter, who normally don’t like animated movies. But Pixar has the magic formula for creating family movies that appeal to young and old alike, with fantastic scripts, great actors and cutting edge animation.

Now, these marketing geniuses have created Ratatouille Chardonnay, through a licensing agreement with Pixar, Disney, and Chateau de Messey will start selling a $12.99 wine produced in France’s Burgundy region at Costco on August 1st.

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