Turning Ingredients Into Meals: Snacksby.com

The subheadline for this Website is: “Like Macgyver, but for food.”

You gotta like that. A guy named Soma started Snacksby. He says it “is a different, easier kind of recipe site. You tell us what you’ve got in your fridge, in your pantry, or just what you’re looking to find in a recipe, even how much of each ingredient and wham!, we let you know what your options are.”

Plus, the recipes you get are tagged with what he affectionately calls “snacksonomies,” which distinguish them as low fat or vegetarian or whatever they are. Pretty kewl stuff.

4 Responses to Turning Ingredients Into Meals: Snacksby.com

  1. Thanks for the heads up on this site. Cooking Light has a similar feature in their Pantry Chef option that I’ve had great success with.

  2. Gil Zeimer says:

    Hi Cate:
    Glad to have turned a foodie like you onto something you actually didn’t know about!
    Cheers and bon appetit!

  3. Erica says:

    I tried to visit snacksby.com and I keep getting diverted to a search page. Does it not exist anymore?
    If not, does anyone have another website like it that they know of?
    I tried the one on cookinglight.com and didn’t like it.

  4. Gil Zeimer says:

    Sorry, we only write about the sites when they go live.
    We have no control over what happens to them after that…

    Try doing a Google Search for “Ingredients” or “Recipes” and see what comes up.

    Best of luck,

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