Your Journey to Toronto Made Special With Sushi District


Toronto among its numerous attractions, also features the age old Sushi District which is a special attraction not only for the regular residents in east Toronto, but also for the tourists who visit Toronto. Tourists in Toronto consider it to be a grand planning spending a day to explore the widespread Sushi District at 806 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON.

In fact, to be specific, the Sushi District has actually replaced the Woodgreen Fish & Chips restaurant which was enjoying a consistent popularity for the past 30 years. The simple yet contemporary decor of the restaurant with black and white hues, chandeliers and Led lights makes it look more like a comfy lounge during the evening hours.

The popular delicacies that one can try out in Sushi District are tuna tartare and the highly popular sushi rolls. Though, you would not have to spend much at Sushi District but your visit to Sushi District will surely remain as a sweet sushi memory for a long time to come.


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  1. Toronto is simply a wonderful food city. I am vegetarian, so didn’t get to try the sushi, but thoroughly enjoyed food from the St. Lawrence Market (one of my Toronto must sees) as well as a variety of great vegetarian restaurants, Indian and Thai food. My favorite two, however, might have been the Beer Bistro (somewhat upscale specialty beer bar/restaurant) and the Mill Street Brew Pub for its atmosphere, pub food and beer. Next time I go, I’ll have to make sure my fiance gets some sushi though, as he loves it!!

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