Where to Get Drunk in Disneyland: Club 33

A few people I know have been to Club 33 at 33 Royal Street next to the Blue Bayou Restaurant, near the Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion attractions at Disneyland.

It’s a private club and the ONLY place you can legally get an alcoholic drink to make “The Happiest Place on Earth” just a little happier. (But if you’re there at a private event, they do have a park-wide liquor license.)

According to Wikipedia: “Club 33 members are also privileged with access to the park 365 days a year. Club 33 offers individual and corporate memberships. Rumors are that the waiting list can be upwards of three to five years, and reports that the initiation fee is USD $10,000. The membership levels offered for individuals are Gold and Silver, with the main differentation being the number of days in advance a member can make reservations to use the Club.” Read more.

By the way, there’s another Club 33 — in Tokyo Disneyland.

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