Treat Your Pup with the Priciest of the Doghouses


When you want to gift your room mate and your favourite soft toy with the most expensive dog house the first is invariably one that was produced by Sanrio the Japanese company with a real innovative outlook. This exclusive doghouse look like a chandelier in appearance. You can even try to hang it from the ceiling to give your dog a feeling of being able to swing.

You will also see the face of Hello Kitty, the popular Japanese cartoon character. To add to its grandeur and worth this dog house features at least ‘7,600 Swarovski crystal beads’ that are dressed all over the main structure starting right from the top to the bottom of this chandelier like structure.

The exclusive and cozy interior is furnished with large red cushion fitted amidst the crystal beads. Originally this brand of doghouse was made by Sanrio for a Tokyo based toy store for a special sales event. The worth of this dog house was $31,660. Sounds like an awesome deal to make your pup a comfy room.

Via: the longest list of the longest stuff

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