Feed Your Brain: “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” on Travel Channel

From our travel colleagues at Gothamist.com: “STOP what you’re doing and program your TiVos or mark this down in your Outlook calendars or PDAs..” Their (and my) favorite best-selling author, relunctant food celeb, culinary adventurer and Food TV personality has a new Travel Channel TV show… “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” premieres next Monday, July 25, 10 pm ET/PT. He says, “My whole life, cooking has been about control. About controlling everything and everybody around you. Traveling and eating are about letting things happen.”

Described by his Travel Discovery Fansite as a “gastronomic Indiana Jones, Bourdain’s quest for the perfect dining experience was smartly documented in his television series and book, ‘A Cook’s Tour.’ And now Bourdain’s journey is shifting to the next course.” In the new show, “his journey takes him to people and places far beyond the realm of food. Following his wanderlust will take the audience to far-out and familiar places, from Iceland to New Zealand and Paris to New Jersey.”

I still remember “A Cook’s Tour” program he shot in Scotland last year where he tried Fish & Chips, then asked the owner of the pub to put a candy bar in the same deep fat cooker. He actually said the deep fried Snickers Bar was much tastier than you might think. I’ll be watching… will you?

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