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1. Lock Stop
For anyone who has ever suffered from flatmates, offspring or undeserving partners guzzling their fine wine, the Lock Stop is a combination lock guaranteed to keep them all out.

2. Red wine breather
To fully appreciatered wine, it should be allowed to breathe before drinking for up to four hours. If that’s too long to wait, thisdevice will bubble air through the wine in minutes.

3. Vacuvin Rapid Ice wine cooler
Lovers of white wine should invest in one of these sleeves. Simply slip one into the freezer ready for any warm white wine that comes your way. It cools down wine amazingly quickly.

4. Cooper cooler chiller
A more hi-tech approach to chilling wine than using a freezer sleeve is to buy a cooler. This one will chill a bottle of wine in six minutes and make cans of beer icy within a minute.

5. Screwpull Star champagne opener
Haven’t mastered the twist-the-bottle-while-holding-the-cork method of opening a champagne bottle? Try a designated opener instead.

6. Argyle cork retriever
If you’ve ever pushed a cork inside a bottle of wine, you’ll know that it’s almost impossible to retrieve it. This device grabs the cork using ” fingers” that can expand and contract.

7. Vacuvin vacuum wine saver
A vacuum stopper is the perfect solution for keeping an open bottle of wine fresh. Simply put in the rubber “cork” and pump out the air. This version comes with two stoppers.

8. Menu wine thermometer
Champagne and expensive white wines are best served at a temperature between 8C and 10C. This bracelet thermometer shows exactly what temperature your wine is.

9. Silver-plated drip collar
While some might scoff at having a designated drip-catcher, this silver-plated collar looks so much more chic than a grotty napkin tied around the neck of a bottle.

10. Wine foil cutter

Keep ragged foil at bay by using a foil cutter rather than picking it off with a corkscrew point. By removing the foil, you’ll make the bottle easier to open as well as keeping things neat.

From The Independent By Rebecca Armstrong

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