Are These The Most Stylish iPod Accessories?

#1 – Miniot iWood iPod Case
They have a very nice selection of wood cases. I’m not sure it is very pratical, but I want it because it is pretty. The top and bottom pieces fit together seamlessly because a magnet holds the case closed.You can even personalize your iWood with a monogram on the front of the case for a measley $12, and for the same amount, you can choose a two-line message to be engraved inside the lid…
1st line – Happy Birthday Ava
2nd line – May 9th
About 75-85 Euros

#2 – Retro Table Top Docking Station by Specktone
A nice little bit of technology that gives you a hybrid of the 70s and the new millenium. It even has a backlit ‘green-glow’ volume knob. Did they even have sub-woofer’s 30 years ago?
About $99
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#3 – The Pod Pillow
Not everyone would find lime green hip, but what a great concept. Click on a little Enya and snuggle up with your pillow. Even cooler, it’s made of a 100% polyester.
About $18
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# 4 – Kenpo Ladies Brown Jacket
Great looking jacket…nice fur rimmed hoodie.Kenpo’s innovative union of fashion and technology enables wearers to keep their iPod device in the jacket’s inner pocket, and still manage the pause, skip tracks and volume using the easily accessible interface located on the lower portion of the jacket’s sleeve without fumbling with zippers, gloves or pockets.
About $245
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tivoli docking station# 5 – Tivoli Docking Station
Another “simple but beautiful” docking station. This one from audio legends Tivoli whose radios are the ones by which all others are measured. One of Tivoli’s most famous radios is the iPAL and it now sports an auxiliary input to connect your matching iPod.
[Via Tivoli]

# 6 – Nike +iPod Shoe Kit
Nike+ shoes feature a built-in pocket under the insole specially engineered for the Nike + iPod sensor. For seamless, stylish integration, add Nike+ apparel that holds your iPod nano and receiver. It all lets you listen to tunes while you keep the beat to the street with your feet.
[ Via Apple ]

# 7 – Crumpler The Big Little Thing Brown/Blue
I’ve always had a soft spot for Crumpler and their little logo. They also make some high quality swag. I’m not sure if this item is even available on this side of the pond yet, but it’s worth a browse. It is made of fine quality Nappa Leather with embroidered logo, contrasting leather lining and a magnetic closure on the flap. The belt loop on the back also doubles to make a stand for video viewing
[ ]

# 8 – 4-in-1 Car Kit for iPod by Brando
Some may claim this is not ‘stylish’, but just an efficient design. Well not having to fiddle with an assortment of different gadgets to iTune into your radio, charge your machine and hold the darn thing makes the end-user seem a whole lot more stylish. Oh and the 4th thing of the 4-1 in one: a handy little remote.
[ Via Coolest Gadgets ]

# 9 – Plug & Play: Solio Universal Hybrid Charger
We’ve mentioned this cool charger before. How sick are you of schlepping three different chargers around when you travel. Great for up to three portable gadgets at a time. Suction it to your hotel window and you’ll be back in business in no time.
[ Via Vagablond ]

#10 – Acme – The 5G Wallet
It is a bit ageist because it’s for the newer 5th generation models, but we’ll cut ACME MADE some slack because it looks pretty stylin. They have a nice selection of colors (my vote is for the ‘Tuscan Orange’), nice display area and sufficient room for all your plastic.
[ Via Acmemade]

We want you to be the judge and send us links to your favorites. Also feel free to comment on our choices.

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