Tiny Masa – An exclusive center for Japanese flavor in New York City


Welcomed through the grand wooden entrance, guests are swiftly guided to a gracious temple like environment to sit and relish delicious items prepared from the kitchen of Tiny Masa situated in Time Warner Centre in New York City.  This is an exclusive and expensive gastronomic enclave in the city where Chief Chef Masa Takayama welcomes diners with warm hospitality. There are 26 dining areas in this eating house, each of which excels in offering varieties of seasonal cuisines to its exclusive diners.

Starting from fabulous preparations of wild watercress to lobsters, chicken, crab and other seasonal ingredients, this place is a heaven for all vegetarian and non-vegetarian diners who can afford a meal (ranging between $480 and $680) here. Besides these, this is a paradise for authentic Japanese items and its sushi bar is like a gem in its crown. Its Masa Bar offers a wide variety of wines and cocktails to complete a grand meal for its guests.

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Posted by David Miller on March 17, 2012 in Food

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