Timeless Beauty with Zadora Timepieces (Part II)


Zadora Timepiece is excellence redefined and perfection personified, as the dial of the watch tends to rotate while the hand is fixed.

A briolette cut diamond is set on the background top and the there are other pricy stone settings on the lugs of the watch.

With a Zadora’s Timepiece in your collection, you will always want to see time as the time indicator has a setting of diamonds for half hour markings.

This Swiss made watch comes in the versions of a queen bee including a gold crown, a glossy and opaque flower, and a ruby fruit to mention a few. These jewelry watches are priced at $150,000 approx.

The oxidized palladium snake is another of the Zadora collections, which displays a setting of jewels like black and canary yellow diamonds.

The eyes of the snake are made of emerald having the shape of a pear. The beauty of the entire designing is enhanced by the baroque South Sea pearl set in the snake’s mouth. The Zadora Timepiece collections are truly timeless beauties.

Via: Luxist.com

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