Play Some of the World’s Costly Violins


Passionate about playing Violins and cannot keep yourself away from music for too long? Then you could look for one of the following instruments. These are some of the most expensive musical instruments created by some of the world’s leading violin players.

Antonio Stradivari, one of the pioneers in this field has created as many as 1100 violins in Italy and one of his musical instruments Lady Tennant Stradivarius was bought for US $2.03 million in New York. Around 650 of these violins are yet to be sold. The name of this violin has been derived from Sir Charles Tennant who bought the same for his wife.

Another of such masterpieces, the Del Gesu, was created by Giuseppe Guarneri during the period 1698-1744. In 2008, a Russian Lawyer Maxim Viktotrov bought it at an auction for US $4 million. Another del Gesu, made in 1741, entered the list of the world’s most expensive violins in 2010. Chicago-based dealers, Bein & Fushi, are offering these magnificent instruments at a whopping cost of $18 million.


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