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The Gold Plated BBQ :: by Beafeater

With BBQ season kicking into full swing you may be in the market for a new grill. If the pocket book allows for a bit of a splurge
you may want to take a peek at the gold-plated Barbecue Grill by Beefeater.

According to BeefEater Managing Director, Peter Woodland, “it’s for the man who has everything and wants more.�? The one of a kind barbecue features six high output burners plus a wok burner, roasting hood with viewing window and warming rack, quartz ignition, vaporizer grid and reflector system.

[ via Luxist ]

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  1. Wow! Talk about puttin on da ritz! I hope those folks got a gold plated set of tongs to go with that grill. Just one question, does this grill get dirty? Chef JP

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