The US Market is Loving Sake

The sale of sake, a Japanese alcoholic beverage may be declining in Japan, but in the US, the interest is certainly growing for sure. It may sound like an irony but it is true. Newer brands and better styles of sake are being produced and various beer lovers as well as curious wine drinkers are taking an interest in it. All those who love fusion cuisine and all kinds of Japanese food and drinks are turning towards this Japanese sake.

Let us look at some of the varieties of boutique brands, which are exciting people. Here are some nice Chinese aged rice wines. January 2009 Japanese Ginjo Sake, Japanese Junmai Daiginjo Sake, Japanese Honjozo Daiginjo Sake, Japanese Junmai Sake, and Japanese Junmai Ginjo Sake are some of the popular ones. Others too are leaving their impressions in the market. The people in the US are buying January 2009 Japanese Nigori Sake, January 2009 Japanese Fruit Wine, Japanese Sparkling Sake, and others.


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