Chambord Liqueur Royale De France: one of the rarest and expensive wines


Wine lovers may hesitate to call it a wine from the technical point of view but, the bottle is undoubtedly a wine bottle crafted with a royal touch of gold, one thousand diamonds and exclusive pearls. The cap of the bottle resembles a golden crown followed by a golden collar around its glass neck. This royal effect was introduced by King Louis XIV when he visited the Chateau de Chambord, and it is from here that the name of this French liqueur, Chambord Liqueur Royale De France has been derived. The liqueur is made by mixing fine blackberries, currants and ripened red and black raspberries and a twinkle of spices like cinnamon, cloves and a few other herbs enhance its taste. The color of the wine is ruby and the taste is sweet, as Acacia honey has been added to the wine for flavor. The price of this royal (and one of the rarest and expensive wine bottles) is $2,000,000.


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