The Tear Drops are as Precious as Diamonds


Diamonds being a woman’s best friends are as beautiful yet mysterious as a woman herself is. Harry Winston’s exotic diamond earrings are the best gift you can think of giving the best woman in your life. Cashing out $8.5 million is all you have to do and the elegant diamond drop earrings are all yours.

2006 was the destined year when Harry Winston came up with this gorgeous collection of diamond earrings exclusively known as ‘Extraordinary Diamond Drop Earrings’. To dazzle your eyes with awe and surprise the diamond earrings feature the shape of a gigantic pear and to add to their worth the finishing is done with platinum setting.

This simply makes the jewelry piece so stunning and breathtaking that no woman can resist the temptation of owning one of these 60.1 carats pairs.

The diamond jewelries from the house of Winston has been worn by the celebs like Madonna, Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dolly Parton, and Michelle Pfeiffer for ages to come.


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