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Casa Howard :: Florence, Italy

If you’re the sort of traveler that likes to blend in with the locals and dislikes the formality of hotels, then Casa Howard in Florence is perfect for you. Situated on Via Della Scala, Casa Howard is a guest house in a typical Italian apartment block. The small gold plaque looks more like a house name and is easy to miss, there’s no garish hotel signs here to help you find your way. You’ll be given your own set of keys so you can come and go as you please and feel like you live there. There are only 8 rooms and no reception desk and you rarely see the other guests.

Each room has a unique theme, so you can pick the room that best suits your taste before you go. All rooms are incredibly stylish, many with contemporary art and designer furnishings. There is also a small bar in the hallway where you help yourselves to drinks and just list what you’ve had. The two housemaids are genuinely sweet and honest and will be happy to help you with any problems but apart from that it truly feels like a second home.

There is also a Casa Howard in Rome.


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