Thin’s No Longer In: Madrid Fashion Week, Spain

An example of a 2005 skin-and-bones model. Here’s the skinny on how Spain’s top fashion show is changing global attitudes towards anorexically thin models… they’re out. Organizers of the Pasarela Cibeles (Fashion Week) in Spain — coming up on September 18-22 — just made a statement to young women everywhere who idolize wafer-thin models (shown here from last year’s show) and blame them for encouraging eating disorders.

In effect, they’re saying, eat some ice cream. Grab a sandwich. Stuff your face with some flavorful calorie-stuffed foods. And don’t think that one good meal will make you fat.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, the organizers “used a mathematical formula to calculate the models’ body mass index, a mesaure of their weight in relation to their height. Thirty percent of the women (at the pageant) flunked, said the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain.”

The goal is for the models “to project an image of beauty and health” — not an image of high cheekbones and low body weight.

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