Don’t Pay Designer Bag Prices – Just Borrow Them!

Yes visit shouldercandy and you can borrow that Chanel, Luis Vitton, or Chloe bag among others.

Do you have a special occasion? Then borrow one for a week or if it’s really want you want keep it for months. Want to borrow more than one? You can but with a maximum of two at a time.

This is Canada’s first designer handbag borrowing service, just visit, choose your handbag and it will be sent to your door in around 3 days.

You’ll be sent a weekly bill without membership fees, shipping charges or any time limit.

Carry that designer bag of your dreams on your shoulder without paying the high street price tag or check out Shouldercandy’s Handbags for Sale section.

Shoulder Candy is owned by Canadian singer-songwriter Julie Kryk.

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