The Story of Omen As Told By the Hope Diamond


The ones, who deal in stones and jewels, know and believe that, not every stone brings luck and fortune to its bearer. The astounding 45.52 carat Hope Diamond reflecting a steel blue aura is one such precious stone.

The mystic land of India used to be the owner of this diamond when it was found in the form of a raw crystal that weighed 112 carats. Jean Baptiste Tavernier was the person who groomed this raw crystal into the largest blue diamond of its kind.

This diamond had traveled far and wide until it was seen in London exhibition in 1851. The legend has it that who ever owned this diamond met with disastrous fate and a dreadful life but its beauty and charm has continued to enamor the lovers of class for ages to come.

Currently the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D.C has this diamond. Presently it costs something around $180,000. Sounds eerie though, one glance of this diamond is sure to grab your attention.

Via: Famous Diamonds

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