The Secret to the Most Alluring Lips Revealed


Imagine yourself in the best party attire and suddenly you feel that you do not have a lipstick at per with your expensive diamond studded party dress. The 2005 KissKiss lipstick by Herve Van Der Straeten is at your service. This lipstick features the most expensive lipstick case made out of 110g 18-carat gold and 2.2 carats diamonds numbering to 199.

The case of KissKiss Gold and Diamonds case is also available with engraving of your name on it. To add to your excitement this lipstick comes with a brush for the lips and black suede purse and here comes the last surprise, this lipstick is refillable so you would not have to strain your pocket to buy another of these expensive lipsticks with gold and diamond adornment on its case.

In fact, KissKiss Gold and Diamonds is a replica of Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds lipstick which was rated as the most expensive lipstick at $62,000. You just need to make an appointment at Guerlain Boutiques and you can own an exclusive kit for lipstick.

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