Hermes Diamond Crocodile Birkin with 784 diamonds sparkling on black


Luxury, vogue and classic – these are all words you can use to describe what you find in a prestigious leather bag from the brand house of Hermes Birkin. In its every style, sophistication and elegancy are the two elements that are found in common in its wide collection of handbags which cut across smoothly through all generations and ages. The Hermes Diamond Crocodile Birkin is the most exclusive handbag from this brand which is embellished with 310 shining diamonds constellated on its signature lock made from 14 carat white gold. Another 174 diamonds are studded on the white gold clasp. The entire bag is made of exclusive crocodile skin and comes in black. Although the collection made by this brand starts from $37,000 this crocodile skin make and diamond studded black Birkin bag surpassed all records when it was auctioned in 2005 for $64,800. The atrocious work of this brand has made this handbag the costliest bag on earth with 784 diamonds sparkling on black.


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