The Little Cars That Could: Smart Cars

Whether you’re pissed off about paying $3 per gallon or more at the gas station or you just want to make a statement about driving an eco-friendly car, take a look at the tiny Smart car — as seen in the “Da Vinci Code.”

I’ve seen these little beauties on the streets of Paris. These two-seat micro cars get 60 mpg there (but only about 40 here because of exhaust system add-ons), are fun to drive, easy to park, and are made by DaimlerChrysler. Many predict these will be the next Mini Cooper.

ZAP is a company in Santa Rosa that markets alternative-fuel cars. Its name is an acronym for Zero Auto Pollution. It plans to import 250 Smart cars in 2006 and distribute them in states where the vehicle complies with emissions standards.

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