The Grand Hotel Bellevue :: Gstaadt, Switzerland

All Swiss villages are beautiful and they mesmerize travelers with their captivating natural scenery. If you are interested in visiting any of the Swiss villages then you should definitely travel to Gstaadt. Some of the best Alpine scenery, found in the southwestern part of the country envelops the village of Gstaadt. This is the perfect place for the jet set from various corners of the world.

Gstaadt is a popular tourist destination as it offers a wide range of wintertime activities so that you can loads of fun during your stay. The village has 60 lifts to facilitate wonderful skiing. When you want to relax, you can lodge at the Grand Hotel Bellevue. This top-rated luxury hotel is excellent for its Porsche Club, spa, and restaurant. The 52 guest rooms in the hotel are delightful and they have been serving guests since 1912. You too can try the world of luxury and fun in Gstaadt.


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