Enjoy a Vacation While on a Luxurious Fishing Trip


If you are planning a fishing trip and looking forward to a great vacation, then be prepared to spend almost $15-25,000 USD. Nomads of the Seas offer a trip to Chilean Patagonia on their Mother ship, the Atmosphere. You will enjoy a relaxing day with your friends and family.

The ship can carry ten non-fishing passengers along with the 18 fishing passengers. Compared to the passengers, the crewmembers are higher as there will be plenty of activities that they need to do like maintaining the helicopter, jet boats etc. The passengers will get luxurious accommodation and tastefully done up cabins that will make your journey safe and comfortable. You can enjoy personalized spa services and sauna along with Chilean gourmet nouvelle cuisine.

To make your trip memorable or to give some presents to your relatives you can check out the souvenir gift shop on board. It might be an expensive affair but certainly the most refreshing holidays of your life.

Via: Most-expensive.net

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