Our 1,500th Article: Happy Anniversary to Vagablond!

This is our 1,500th article! We thank you for reading our online magazine about fashionable travel, upscale food, fine wine and stylish shopping. We love reading your comments. And we vow to keep on keeping on with even more content that’s even more upscale.

In fact, very soon, we’ll be launching a new skin for Vagablond with a cutting-edge Web 2.0 design and swanky, hip logo. Please stay tuned.

Some of Vagablond’s most popular recent articles include:
1) Interviewing The Michelin Man by Janice Nieder
2)From Russia, With A Love of Money: Millionaire’s Fair, Moscow by Gil Zeimer
3) Where to Get Drunk in Disneyland: Club 33 by Gil Zeimer
4) Croatia Presents Gastronomy of the 19th Century by Sue Frause
5) Swimming With The Dolphins: Pipa, Brazil by David Gaughran
6) Wet Dreams: Poseidon Undersea Resorts by Gil Zeimer
7) Decanting Wine Online by Nilay Gandhi
8) Clarins Skin Spa: No Pain and Much Gain, Toronto by Maureen Littlejohn and
9) The Best In Burgertown USA: Red Mill Burgers, Seattle, WA by Alex Russell.

As always, if you have a tip for a hip hotel, a great restaurant, a wonderful wine vintage –– or if you’d like to become one of our growing legion of regular contributors –– please contact us immediately, if not sooner.

Posted by Gil Zeimer on November 18, 2006 in Travel

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