Multi-tasking Vegas Style. Social House :: Sushi, Sake & Sirens

Treasure Island has hit the jackpot with its new sushi, sashimi, sake restaurant: Social House. My Sis and I just had one night in Las Vegas and a burning desire to eat, drink, see a show, pop into a nightclub, and spot a few celebs, so we were in a complete tizzy. However at the Social House, we managed to do all that and more in one fell swoop.

First, we were whisked up a winding staircase by an extra-tall brunette poured into a black Suzie Wong slit-to-the-heavens sheath and shown to our patio table. We had lucked out and scored a warm balmy evening, just right for dining alfresco while watching the hustle bustle of the strip. Our table also offered the perfect vantage point for viewing the “famous�? outdoor Treasure Island show where the sexy Sirens go to battle with the frisky, and decidedly hunky, renegade Pirates in Siren’s Cove below. We joined the other guests to ohh and ahh over the clash between the damsels and the bad boys of the sea while our efficient waitron cleverly timed our food courses so as not to interrupt our free show.

We had high expectations for our dinner since we found out that Executive Chef Joseph Elevado (formerly Executive Chef at Nobu Las Vegas) was at the helm. Trying to choose dishes to share from the enticing menu separated into pages on Cold dishes, Hot dishes, Sushi, Noodles, Skewers, etc was next to impossible since my big Sis always comes with many “issues.�?
“Why would I order sushi when the “real�? NYC Nobu is right by my apt? Hmmm, I’m really not in the mood for sake tonight. Do you think they could make this spicy beef dish with out any onions, garlic, peppers, hot sauce ……?�?

Thankfully, our waitron appeared just before we came to blows, and said, “If I may make a small suggestion, why don’t you leave it all to me and I’ll take your taste buds on a nice little culinary journey. Just tell me if you have any food allergies.�? My big city distrustful Sis glared at me when I quickly replied, “No allergies. Sounds wonderful-let’s go for it!�? But after one nibble of the impeccably fresh yellowtail sashimi with delicate spirals of deep-fried jalapenos, she instantly came around-even to letting him select her (many glasses of) sake from the extensive list.

Just a few of our favorites following the sashimi: the Kobe beef drizzled with wasabi crème fraiche, a beautifully presented Seared Tuna and Snow Crab salad, a delicate citrus peel Miso Cod, a scrumptious pan seared Scallop and Eggplant dish- and I don’t even like scallops- and our waiter’s clever version of surf’n’turf: flavorful slow-braised Tamarind Short Ribs nestled up to a half grilled lobster dripping garlic butter.

For dessert we shared a most unique sweetie ending: Crispy Corn Ube—vanilla ice cream rolled in crisped pieces of corn garnished with a purple ube sauce. Although one bite was enough for me…I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my picky sister scarfing down every last niblet!

More genius lies in the interior design. The AvroKO group, a red hot firm responsible for the fabulous interior, also designed two of our favorite New York City restaurants, Public, and the Stanton Social. With the Social House, AvorKO, known for their interesting, fashionable yet relaxed interiors, more than lives up to their rep. This well planned restaurant offers several intimate dining spaces, each seamlessly flowing into another, as well as numerous sushi bars and liquor bars thoughtfully interspersed throughout.

Our waitron suggested we go downstairs after our dinner to check out Tangerine, the newbie hip, hot, TI nightclub with a strip view. Generously, he told us he’d stamp our dinner receipt so we wouldn’t need to pay a cover. That works. We tottled downstairs hoping to get a glimpse of some of the VIP’s. When Mark Steele, the extremely affable GM for Social House had dropped by our table to check that all was well ( it was!) he dropped oh so casually, that Scarlett Johannson, Damon Wayans, Kevin Dillon,
Haylie Duff, Dennis Rodman, Gene Simmons, and Slash of Guns and Roses had been known to ”come round” Tangerine.

Mission accomplished: in four hours we had seen a show, got a bird’s eye view of the Strip, enjoyed some stellar food and drink, and gone clubbing. And I don’t care what my know-it-all Sis says… I think it really


Brad Pitt who bumped into me on the dance floor!!!

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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